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What is Reseller Program.? Reseller Programs is a platform where you can increase your revenue by selling
our products having benefits like Generous Discounts, Fast Shipping, Easy Order Process, Dedicated
Reseller Support.
Terms and Conditions of Reseller program:
1. You must be a reseller (A local shop owner/online shop owner/trainer) to join this
2. The reseller must not retail any of Battstore Ecommerce Private Limited (Parent Organization of product less than our online selling price.
2. Reseller Discounts will be Applicable Only for Active Reseller. (Active Reseller means – Order
Amount more than 30K per Month)
3. Thebattstore Points is not applicable for Reseller ie. A reseller won’t eligible for thebattstore Points
How to Join the Reseller Program.?
Fill the Reseller Application form – Click Here
And mail us on, for any doubts, contact us on – 640