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Renata CR1632 Coin Lithium Battery(Pack of 1)


  • Renata CR1225 Lithium Coin Cell Battery manufactured by Renata and has a Voltage of 3V and capacity of 48mah.
  • Renata lithium batteries are used for different applications in an increasing variety of portable devices as well as the computer and automotive industries, telecommunications and medical industry. Renata lithium batteries meet the highest quality standards and offer excellent reliability.
  • Manufacturing high quality batteries with high capacity retention on storage, Renata continues to provide reliable power sources for many hand held devices.
  • Equivalent: Energizer CR1225, CR/BR1225, Rayovac CR1225, I.E.C CR1225


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Specifications of Renata CR1632 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery:-

Brand Renata
Type Coin Cell
Model CR1632
Chemical System Li/MnO2
Nominal Voltage 3V
Rated Capacity 137mAh
Standard Discharge Current 0.2mA
Max. Const. Discharge Current 1.5mA
Average weight 1.8g
Temperature Range -40 – +85◦C
Diameter 16.0mm
Height 3.2mm


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